How to Keep Sales Strong Despite Rising Rates

Business I’ve always said you gotta have a plan in business – true in real estate and true in mortgage lending – I’ve worked in both professions for many years now, so I might be able to help you. So, do you have a plan, a strategy? What will you do to keep your sales strong if interest rates ...

High Tech/High Touch: How Embracing Both Will Create a Better Brokerage in an Instant Gratification Society

Blog By Tami Bonnell, CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International  We live in a society that relies on and expects instant gratification. We’ve become so accustomed to getting what we want, exactly when, where and how we want it that we’re bothered by anything less. This idea is so pervasive that tech...

REAL Trends Tech Touch September 9, 2014: Deeper Dive into Agent Adoption of Technology Tools

Blog Follow-Up More on Agent Adoption   Last week, our agent adoption story generated a lot of buzz. David Friedman of Boston Logic has learned a lot about agent adoption over the years. REAL Trends asked him his thoughts of this topic. Written by Travis Saxton, REAL Trend...

Trends in Customer Service: Politeness Pays

Marketing Real estate is all about building and maintaining relationships. As such, poor customer service can prevent you from blossoming in your career. We found an innovative article listing five trends in customer service. Some of them can be tweaked for the real estate business. Here's the first: ...

Innovative Marketing Idea: C21 Hide & Tweet

Marketing   In an effort to put the Century 21 brand in front of Millennials, C21 is getting its game on. “For a couple of years, we’ve been doing things to put the brand in front of Millennials, including getting involved in several social media games,” says Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer for C2...

Looking for Inspiring Real Estate News?

Blog a la mode put together a carefully curated collection of real estate tweets.  Just click "Ghost it" next to any tweet, and a la mode's trademark GhostWriter technology rewrites a unique version for you to post. Check it out here:

REAL Trends Video Housing Market Report August 2014

Blog Depicting National and Regional Trends in the Residential Real Estate Industry courtesy of Vscreen. ...

Practical Tips to Ensure You Retire Safe, Secure and Smart

Business by Joshua Geary Everyone has to retire someday. The time will come for us to exit our businesses or leave our careers behind, and settle into a peaceful life. Unfortunately, living expenses have to be met and our day-to-day needs have to be fulfilled. To live the life we have always dreamed of af...







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