Amy Broset

Amy Broset

Director of Business Analytics

The Valuator

Amy Broset, Director of Business Analytics



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After working as REAL Trends’ Director of Business Analytics for ten years, Amy left the company to move to Loveland and take care of her fur babies. However, when REAL Trends called to have her re-join the company; Amy answered the call. She is back at REAL Trends valuing real estate brokerages and calculating multiples. 

A graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Amy determines the worth of companies through analysis of management, structure and market value. She has performed over 500 valuations as part of the REAL Trends team and is the past editor of the REAL Trends 500.

A lover of the outdoors, Amy enjoys hiking with her German Shepherds Zoe and Tasha, kayaking, snowshoeing and gardening. She also has a 10-year travel plan, with New Zealand and Bora Bora topping the list. She is driven by personal growth and a thirst for adventure. She says if she’s outside; she’s happy.