Scott Wright

Scott Wright

Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

The Valuation Expert

Scott Wright, director of mergers & acquisitions



Talk to him about: Brokerage valuations, mergers and acquisitions, the REAL Trends 500


Scott earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and entrepreneurship/small business management from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Before joining REAL Trends in 2015, he worked in the financial world and telecommunications industry.


Scott is responsible for working with brokerage companies on business valuations, mergers, acquisitions and succession planning.


Scott gets through life by relying on the Bible, Google Calendar and his family. These three things keep him on track and keep his engine running. Outside the office, he enjoys hunting; watching baseball; golfing and playing softball; and going to his kids’ soccer games. He also loves scuba diving. Having already dived the Cozumel reefs, he now has his sights set on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


Scott believes in dressing for success and supporting his family. He is motivated to be a better man by his father, who, he says, works hard, gives selflessly of his time and money, and is a man of God.