Read & Learn: One Millennial's Experience Buying a Home

Business Written by Jenna Weinerman, marketing director at Updater “You think you know, but you have no idea.” I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase. It sounds cliché, but that was my first-time buyer experience in a nutshell. I did my homework; I knew the neighborhoods; I knew the prices. Or, so...

One Millennial's Homebuying Experience

Blog Continued from REAL Views: I was introduced to two loan reps from a major bank. They seemed nice, but I was convinced that they were speaking Greek. I couldn’t understand a thing. How am I just supposed to know what a spread is, what points are, or when I should lock? You’d think my loan team...
Apr-17-2015 Anonymous whistleblower appears to confirm fears of data theft by Zillow

News Move and the National Association of Realtors state in a court filing obtained by HousingWire that Move received a letter from an anonymous whistleblower which "appears to confirm" their belief that Errol Samuelson, now the chief industry development officer for Zillow (Z), stole “multiple doc...

#Trending - 6 Google Tools That You Should Be Using

Blog As you know, the real estate market is fundamentally changing. In a recent November 2014 study by the White House Council of Economic Advisors, the Millennial generation (25- to 35-year olds) account for about 30 percent of the adult population. The fact that many in the Millennial demographic a...

Quick Ways to Make Your Training More Impactful

Business     Most brokers are trying to increase agent adoption of the technology products they provide. The problem is, how do you do it? How can we make our training sessions more appealing and desired? Getting agents to attend training courses is as big a struggle as getting them to...

#GadgetLab - Time to Check-in on Your Database

Blog   How current is your database? A better question, would you even know if your database weren’t current? It’s often a challenge keeping even one database current and complete, what if you have multiple databases? Good news, there is a contact management tool that can do a lot of the ...

REAL Trends Announces Brokerage Website Ranking Report

Blog Get your brokerage website ranked  HERE! Due to popular demand, REAL Trends Technology will be conducting a nationwide ranking of residential real estate brokerage websites. Because so many firms have reached out with their interest in participating in a formal website ranking, REAL Trends ...

What’s Behind the Surge of Chinese Real Estate Investment in the USA?

Business by Terri Engels Money is flowing into U.S. housing markets and Chinese investors, in particular, are spending billions of dollars on American real estate. The trend seems to be growing at breakneck speed. According to a study of international home buying activity by the National Association o...


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