Author: Travis Saxton

Is CRM Adoption the Right Conversation to be Having?

We recently met a company on the edge of something great. In our conversation with Deckspire, they took an out-of-the-box approach to agent adoption of CRM. Their technology is more than just CRM. We will vet this more thoroughly in the coming weeks. However, it made a lasting impression on us.   Here is the layman’s description. This is Siri meets real estate CRM and marketing. They prefer not to use the moniker CRM at all. Aiva, the clever name of the virtual assistant, is the interface with the CRM. Mostly done through SMS text and or voice text,...

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Making Your Website ADA Compliant

Best practices and takeaways for your website. by Travis Saxton, vice president of technology   More businesses are using their websites as a digital storefront, where they conduct business. Government agencies and programs are starting to push their content online, and this has created a problem for Americans with Disabilities. Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), website accessibility falls under the nondiscrimination requirements. So what does this mean? The truth is that many of your business practices may need to change. Many American’s with disabilities use assistive technologies to read webpages. This may include text-to-voice,...

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Digital Marketing: It’s a Numbers Game

REAL Trends’ Tech Team is immersed in a world of digital marketing. We see the good, the bad and the ugly. Most digital marketing strategies are a numbers game, and the following equation is the Holy Grail:   Impressions (number of views) X Click-Through Rate (U.S. average for all sources is about .17%) X Online Lead Conversion Rate (average is 2.5%, but it ranges from .5% to 5%) X Closing Rate Over Time (which can vary from 1% to 10% with the right system)   Now let’s simplify this: ((Views X CTR) X Conversion Rate X Closing Rate =...

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Three Tips for Selling Homes to Millennials

The Millennial generation is currently the largest generation in U.S. History. Millennials are considered those born between the years of 1980 and 2000, and make up roughly 92 million people. Most Millennials financial landscape differs vastly from previous generations; one defining characteristic is large scale student debt. More debt mixed with less income leads millennials to a different set of purchasing priorities. Given this current situation many in this generation will put off buying a home. However, a recent Goldman Sachs report states that “93% of renters aged 18-34 intend to own a home someday”. Here are three tips...

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Let your Technology and Marketing Team Be Innovative

OK brokers I know this may go against the grain and you may not see eye to eye on this investment however I will show you how this can impact your bottom-line. Most brokerages update their offices according to production and agent count. Going one by one as the staff of the brokerages sits on the sideline observing with the step child syndrome. Look we definitely understand your perspective and it’s the agents that matter most to you but let me twist that on its head just for a minute. Here are a few things to consider:   Your...

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