Author: Paul Salley

Success by Numbers: 2017 Mobile Web Stats

It’s common knowledge that smartphone web traffic has surpassed traditional desktop traffic. In fact, the average number of smartphone vs. web traffic is edging up—60 percent smartphone vs. 40 percent desktop. However, this statistic alone does not paint the whole picture. Here are some insights and numbers on how users interact with websites on their smartphones:   40% of users will abandon a site that takes over three seconds to load 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site if it’s too clumsy or slow to load 1 in 5 dissatisfied visitors will never return to a...

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Hodge Podge: Managing Multiple Accounts Across Multiple Platforms on the Go

Most real estate professionals have multiple accounts with at least a few technology platforms.The most popular of these consist of email and social media accounts. Some native apps have these capabilities seamlessly built in, such as the Gmail app and the Mail app in iOS. Twitter also allows you to switch easily between accounts within its native app. However, there are limitations to the functionality of these apps, and not all apps have this feature.   Facebook is one example where it’s difficult to manage multiple personal profiles from the native application interface. While it’s true that Facebook has...

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Gadget Lab: TOOR Smart Lockbox

Buyers want to see homes immediately, which makes it even more frustrating when the listing agent isn’t available to let the buyer’s agent into the home. Not anymore as there’s an app for that! TOOR is a physical lockbox that allows real estate professionals to send ekeys to agents via an app, thus giving them access to the house.   The latest TOOR model can also remotely grant access to lockboxes from anywhere inside the United States. In addition to this core functionality, TOOR has a feature that allows a user to view and control all of his or...

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Digital Marketing: Did You Know?

Right when you think you’ve identified a steady pattern in digital marketing, or you think you’ve mastered a platform, there is an update or change to an algorithm. How can you maintain the mastery of your craft? The ability to stay current with digital marketing trends and platforms takes dedication and diligence. It’s important to know what current trends are, especially those related to current platforms. Often, the platforms that are proven performers are worth sticking to and staying up-to-date with new feature sets and released updates is important. It also helps to talk to peers in non-competing markets...

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How Does Your Website Perform Compared to Your Competitors?

How Does Your Website Perform Compared to Your Competitors? by Paul Salley, manager of marketing strategy & business development Understanding how visitors interact with your website is critical information to have. How can you improve your sites’ functionality, if you don’t know what needs to be fixed? Two primary metrics to watch are average time on site and average pages viewed per website session. Average time on site is simply the amount of time a user spends on a website in a single session or visit. REAL Trends has analyzed hundreds of top brokerage websites across the country, including...

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