Author: Nikki Lindholm

The Cost of Security: How Much Do You Have to Spend for Protection?

During the REAL Trends’ Gathering of Eagles event in May, this question was asked by Brandon Wells of The Group Inc., “When is it appropriate to include security into the annual budget?   In the past few years, our industry has seen tremendous electronic growth. With home searches, e-mails and transaction paperwork and management all online, the process of buying and selling homes is easier than in the past and, arguably, more productive for many brokers.  However, there are a few obstacles to overcome. One such obstacle is a compromised sense of security. I reached out to Wells to...

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Chief Data Officer: Why This Position Should Be Your Next Hire

This past week, REAL Trends hosted the Gathering of Eagles, a conference where industry leaders from all over the United States join to share their real estate expertise and learn from highly knowledgeable speakers and real estate icons. Topics included leadership, recruiting, teams, business valuations, future of real estate firms, business culture and metrics.   It was Thursday’s afternoon session—Using Metrics to Manage Your Business—where technology, office culture and interpreting data were most discussed. It seems as if real estate executives understand the need for technology and many brokerages have even hired a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to assist...

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Social Media Business Pages: Pros & Cons

What makes measuring social media success so difficult is the simple fact that what works for one individual or real estate professional may not work for another. Case in point, the business page vs. personal page debate. Some brokerages don’t have a preference over what their agents use and some brokerages prefer strictly business pages over personal. There isn’t a right or wrong decision. To help with the decision, we’ve provided a Facebook Business Page pros and cons list below and also a slightly different option to those who are ready for something more!   PROS: Setting up a...

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How to Turn Social Media into a Competitive Advantage: An Exclusive Sneak Peek

Since this year is the 30th anniversary of REAL Trends, we made sure to pull out all the stops for this year’s Gathering of Eagles.   We start the party with a lively preconference presentation from Better Homes and Garden’s CMO Jennifer Marchetti and NM+U’s Creative Director, Jason Holloway.   Join the live event at 1:30-2:30 p.m. for a motivating, strategic discussion on how you can turn social media into a competitive advantage. BHGRE® will share trends and strategies that can transform your social media efforts into a more engaging, productive strategy for your company. This session will outline...

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The Art of Font Mixing A Creative Guide for Complimenting Fonts

Design can be tricky. One of my responsibilities at REAL Trends is to design the creative for social media and client ads, so I’ve spent a lot of time creating new and exciting pieces for our clients. I love figuring out ways to spice up the design by marrying different fonts.   Some of you may be thinking, “Who cares?” The answer is your potential clients. The whole point of creating ads and imagery is get the attention of your targeted audience. What makes you ad different from your competitors? What makes your ad connect with consumers? Of course,...

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