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Selling the Home of the Future—Today

Earlier this month, Brookfield Residential debuted a revolutionary new smart home. This launch is just the latest step in the ongoing trend of smart tech adoption—and it has some interesting implications for the real estate industry. Smart homes, by the simplest definition, are homes equipped with smart automation and alternative energy sources. Selling a home with these features can be an exciting challenge, and to see real success in this new smart market, you’ll need to be familiar with some popular home automation devices—and how to pitch them to potential buyers. How to Use Modern Upgrades to Sell a...

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3 Top Real Estate Tips from Our Buffini & Company’s GameChangers Speakers

The real estate business is always changing – and as real estate professionals, we need to continually invest in ourselves to stay at the top of our game. If you want to generate more leads, communicate more effectively with your clients and utilize the right technology for your business, the Buffini & Company GameChangers conference is a must. Here are a few tips from three featured speakers.   Joe Niego’s Tip: Show up to work “Showing up to work” can be interpreted in two different ways: showing up to work, as a noun, and showing up to work, as...

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X Marks the Sale: How Gen X Can Make You Richer This Year

By Bubba Mills You’d do well this year to remember the forgotten generation … that’s what Generation X has been dubbed. But these folks, ages 37 to 51, are the only generation to buy more homes in 2016 last year than it did in 2015, according to a new National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) report. NAR adds that more Gen X sellers are expected to enter the real estate market this year. Okay, that sounds pretty good, but why else should you pay attention to Xers: They’re making the most money with a median $106,600 annually. Younger boomers (aged 52 to...

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New Study: What to Pay and How to Find (and Keep!) Great People in Your Brokerage

  The power of your real estate firm and brand is strengthened by the caliber of people you have supporting it. Finding the right people who share your vision, work ethic and culture is no small feat. by Deirdre LePera, director of business development Several employees can have one or two of the characteristics above (vision, work ethic, cultural fit), but the almost-there approach only works for so long. Ultimately, it’s the employees who align with you in all three areas that drive the success of your company short-term and the success of your brand long-term. The other side...

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Five Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Career Satisfaction

Looking for some inspiration to boost your enjoyment of your career in real estate? Here are some tips Put a hard focus on soft skills. Executives polled said the top characteristic required for career success is being motivated to learn a new skill. Job seekers should choose a skill to acquire or improve in 2017, and consider making it a soft skill, like listening, communication or conflict resolution. Go on an email ‘diet.’ Executives polled said, on average, 17 percent of the time they spend on email is wasted. Workers should respond to email several times a day versus...

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