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Three Tips for Success When Managing Multiple Offers (Hint: It’s Not All About $$)

By Caroline Dorn, D&H Appraisal Service, Wheaton, Ill., and Baird and Warner, Glen Ellyn, Ill. Owning my own appraisal firm and being a certified real estate appraiser for over 25 years, I’ve seen many offers fall through because sellers don’t fully understand the appraisal process. As a real estate professional, I’ve had personal experience with seller and/or agent mistakes—both on the appraisal side, and from transacting my own deals. Now, the core of the appraisal process hasn’t changed much in the last decade, but the environment we’re all working in is decidedly different—particularly when it comes to lender-appraiser relationships...

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7 Surefire Tips to Help You Take Better Photos

By: Erin Vaughan It’s no secret that homebuyers are doing more of their initial home search online. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90 percent go online for at least part of their search. That means it’s more important than ever for a listing to present a manicured and welcoming feel, especially through photos. Images say a lot more about a home than words ever could, and buyers know it, so these need to be absolute perfection. But you don’t have to hire a professional photographer to nail the listing photos. Here are some tips that will help...

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Is This the Year of the Millennial – Are They Finally Ready to Start Buying Homes?

Be Ready for the Millennials or Be Ready to Find a New Line of Work By: Bubba Mills “Shoot low boys, they’re ridin’ Shetlands.” – Lewis Grizzard Interesting quote, huh? And kind of funny, too, when you picture a bunch of big, burly cowboys coming over the hill bumbling along on little horses. Of course, the message is pretty simple: sometimes you have to adjust your strategy to win. And one group you’ll need to adjust for is coming over the proverbial hill: Millennials—those born between 1981 and 1997. And yes, they’re riding Shetlands. Put more simply: they’re different....

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Are You Ready for Your Own Real Estate Team – the Top 4 Challenges

by Kenneth Palmer, product marketing specialist, Zurple If you’re satisfied with mediocrity, you can stop reading this now. Growth, both personal and professional, can always be intimidating. This article is for those who are not satisfied with being just good enough or who don’t like doing just okay. If you’re a dreamer, be a doer too. In a recent article on Inman, it was noted that there are several challenges to starting your own real estate team. In the interest of keeping you well-informed and proactive, I’ll let you know what to anticipate and how to overcome common obstacles. Be proactive...

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Only a Few Bubble Signs Brewing

Affordability is the only sign of a bubble right now. By John Burns, CEO, John Burns Consulting Once again, we have completed our annual housing bubble check-in. Assessing the criteria that 73 industry executives identified in 2013, we found three qualitative signs of a bubble, two signs of a mini-bubble, and five signs of no bubble. Every month, we analyze the quantitative stats in our analysis of 70+ MSAs for our research subscription members. We have concluded that affordability in some markets is the only sign of a bubble that we can find. Our view on the 10 qualitative...

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