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Five Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Career Satisfaction

Looking for some inspiration to boost your enjoyment of your career in real estate? Here are some tips Put a hard focus on soft skills. Executives polled said the top characteristic required for career success is being motivated to learn a new skill. Job seekers should choose a skill to acquire or improve in 2017, and consider making it a soft skill, like listening, communication or conflict resolution. Go on an email ‘diet.’ Executives polled said, on average, 17 percent of the time they spend on email is wasted. Workers should respond to email several times a day versus...

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Fed Rate Hike Will Shuffle Investment Portfolios, While Pushing New Households into Rentals

By Steve Hovland – Director of Research, HomeUnion  As expected, the Fed lifted interest rates to a target range of 0.75 percent and 1.00 percent during its March meeting. Uncertainty surrounding the direction of economic policy from the new Trump administration wasn’t enough to provide the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) ample reasons to delay normalizing interest rates. That mentality marks a stark contrast in the FOMC’s stance from just one year ago, when seemingly any hiccup provided room for pause. In fact, low energy prices and a 12 percent drop in the S&P 500 in the early months of 2016...

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The Value of a Laser-Targeted Email List

By Shawn Parrotte, marketing manager, Designli The value of a laser-targeted email list can’t be understated. The ability to connect directly with your client base to deliver instant value is key for gaining new business. As a commercial or residential broker, it’s your job to inform and educate your client whenever possible. The most consistent way to do that is through email campaigns. Below you’ll find 10 email ideas that will give you the best conversion rates. Take these base concepts and use them to create your own original and engaging drip campaigns. Of course, as with all things real estate,...

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“The Big Three:” How Innovation is Changing Lockboxes, Forms and Data

By Dale Ross, CEO of Realtors Property Resource, LLC Lockboxes, standardized forms and listing data, sometimes known as the “Big Three,” have served as core business products in the real estate industry for decades. Now, with increased consumer demand for greater efficiencies in the marketplace, i.e., along with advancements in tech-powered tools that aide in productivity and timely communication, the Big Three have embraced dramatic transformations … all to the benefit of agents, brokers and consumers. Lockboxes: Stepping up accountability and efficiency Lockboxes have come a long way. Twenty years ago, manual combination lockboxes were the only option. In...

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Helping People Make Good Decisions

When people think they made a good decision, they are usually happy with their sales associate and will refer him or her. How do you help them get to that point? by Larry Kendall, author of Ninja Selling and chairman of The Group, Inc.  What is a good decision? Most would agree that a good decision is one where the person is happy with that decision 30 days later and would make the same decision again. When people think they made a good decision, they are usually happy with their sales associate and will refer him or her. When...

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