Author: Deirdre Lepera

Lead Conversion Starts with a Response

Driving lead traffic is at the heart of any solid marketing plan, regardless of what business you are in. Everything you do is to encourage a potential client to walk through your door, pick up the phone, or give you their correct email address. Getting a client to reach out isn’t a simple feat. Most sellers spend five months considering whether to sell before contacting a real estate professional.   There are many platforms to choose for lead capture. Open houses, up-desks, listing platforms, community involvement, personal websites, email campaigns, referral networks, social media engagement, cold calls, warm calls,...

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The Building Blocks of a Growing Technology Platform

SmartZip Analytics, Inc., known for its predictive marketing technology for real estate, announced the acquisition of Reach150, a referral management platform focused on relationship businesses earlier this month. REAL Trends interviewed CEO and president of SmartZip, Avi Gupta, to learn more about what this acquisition means for current clients of the soon-to-be-combined solutions.   RT: What prompted the recent acquisition of Reach150? Gupta: We want to build the smartest customer acquisition platform. We asked ourselves how do you generate customers in a relationship-based business? It’s through targeted marketing. Reach150 brings user-generated content to the targeted client. Integrating relationship-based content...

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Tech Smart Doesn’t Mean Tech Fancy

The discussion about how real estate professionals use office space is incomplete without acknowledging the influence of technology since the early 2000s. The transition from full-time, in-office sales associates to full-time mobile sales associates began with the internet and built momentum with tablets and the growing sophistication of mobile phone technology. The biggest influencers for mobility and working out of the office happened in the last five to seven years with technology platforms like BoomTown! and dotloop, and their combined functionality and accessibility on smartphones and tablets.   Productivity apps are a key technological component to mobile work efficiency....

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It’s as Easy as Putting Your Phone in a Box

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how smartphones are a major source of distraction while driving and that lockdown technology is already in the works. It turns out that there’s something simpler than an app on the market. It’s The Phone Box Movement.   As the name suggests, The Phone Box Movement is a box that you place on the passenger side dash of your vehicle. Before you pull out of your driveway, place your phone in the vibrant, green box and leave it there during your commute. The phone doesn’t lose functionality; it’s just knowingly out of...

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Where You Grow Your Business: New System, Better Results

Real estate brokerages all set out to accomplish the same goal—helping homebuyers or sellers. However, the daily systems used to achieve that goal varies from company to company. These systems include how to manage transactions, marketing, leads and the overall consumer experience. For most firms, the capability to grow in either market share or sales associate count relies on the success of their systems.   Danny Rebello, owner and principal of Home Connect Nationwide Realty Group in Las Vegas, Nev., is acutely tuned into the system he built over the past three years. As a result, his sales associates...

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