Author: Brittany Shur

5 Things You May Not Know About Google AdWords

Whether you’ve explored Google AdWords, or you’re a certified Google AdWords pro, there’s no doubt you’ve come across something new or unique. AdWords is constantly improving their platform to meet the needs of a growing and digitally savvy online marketing landscape. Here are a few lesser-known online marketing tips and tricks using Google AdWords:   Google Analytics & Google AdWords Are Better Together. You’ve surely used Google Analytics to provide insights into your website performance, but did you know that it’s important to link your Analytics and AdWords accounts? Analytics can provide limitless information via key metrics and performance indicators...

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Is Your Website Prepared for Results?

Developing a complete digital marketing strategy takes time. Many times, it’s experimental. You try one approach, and it doesn’t work; try another, and it is successful! Once you launch a campaign, did it perform to your expectations? If not, you review the campaign setup (chosen audience, ad set, geotargeting) that was implemented. You may even evaluate the platform.   While these are good strategies, there is one critical component that is often overlooked—the effectiveness of your website, specifically your campaign landing pages. The most decorated and well-thought-out marketing strategy can fall flat if you’re driving your consumers to an...

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Facebook Marketing: Did You Know?

Several years after its inception, Facebook developed a way to monetize the platform through digital advertising. After all, an endless of pool of information was available at their fingertips. Why not take advantage of the detailed user profiles, clicks and likes to encourage advertising through the platform? This new capability opened a door for digital marketing professionals and business owners. Since then, Facebook has perfected its marketing capabilities through Facebook Ads Manager. Not only can you leverage detailed user profile information to hone in on your intended audience, but also you have the advanced geo-targeting capabilities and the effectiveness...

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Trending In Real Estate: Is It Too Soon To Start Thinking About Generation Z?

Millennials experienced a wave of technology like no other generation. The increase of Millennials in the market forced real estate professionals to modify their strategies, particularly by increasing their use of technology and social media to attract a new, younger audience.   While student loan debt and other factors have kept some Millennials from making the plunge into homeownership, in a few years, we may see the beginning of Generation Z in the market. Many Generation Z-ers will be reaching their 18th birthdays in 2017 and could be exploring the prospects of homeownership in the next few years.  ...

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What Technology Trends Will We See In 2017? Tech News From Around The Globe

2016 brought many new technology trends to the real estate industry— from interactive apps to artificial intelligence and home automation. Working with firms across the country, REAL Trends has a unique vantage point which allows us to understand how brokerages are incorporating this new technology into their company strategy.   We’ve all seen the rise of smart home technology, and it’s our prediction that this trend will continue to impact real estate as consumers who are becoming more accustomed to the gadgets and tools that help them save time and money.   Here are several other technology trends we...

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