Author: Brittany Shur

Measuring The Success Of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

As digital marketing professionals, we’re often asked the best way to quantify the performance of digital marketing campaigns and how to track your return on your investment (ROI). While there is no solution when it comes to tracking the success of any digital campaign, there are things you can do to monitor performance. They are:   Set your objectives early. Is your goal to increase brand awareness? If so, you’re probably less focused on metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR) and more focused on reaching as many people as possible (impressions). On the other hand, if your goal...

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Social Media Platforms: Should You Invest Your Marketing Dollars?

While social media is not a new concept, the marketing capabilities of social platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are expanding to meet the needs of a quickly evolving digital marketing landscape. It can be difficult to know which platforms are worth the marketing spend and which might leave you with less ROI. Here are the pros and cons of several marketing platforms:   Facebook Pro: Facebook is the heavy hitter when it comes to social media advertising. Not only is it the platform with the greatest number of users, but also the detailed profile information makes it...

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5 Things You May Not Know About Google AdWords

Whether you’ve explored Google AdWords, or you’re a certified Google AdWords pro, there’s no doubt you’ve come across something new or unique. AdWords is constantly improving their platform to meet the needs of a growing and digitally savvy online marketing landscape. Here are a few lesser-known online marketing tips and tricks using Google AdWords:   Google Analytics & Google AdWords Are Better Together. You’ve surely used Google Analytics to provide insights into your website performance, but did you know that it’s important to link your Analytics and AdWords accounts? Analytics can provide limitless information via key metrics and performance indicators...

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Is Your Website Prepared for Results?

Developing a complete digital marketing strategy takes time. Many times, it’s experimental. You try one approach, and it doesn’t work; try another, and it is successful! Once you launch a campaign, did it perform to your expectations? If not, you review the campaign setup (chosen audience, ad set, geotargeting) that was implemented. You may even evaluate the platform.   While these are good strategies, there is one critical component that is often overlooked—the effectiveness of your website, specifically your campaign landing pages. The most decorated and well-thought-out marketing strategy can fall flat if you’re driving your consumers to an...

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