Author: Brent Driggers

3 Keys to A Successful Brokerage SEO Audit

When it comes to putting together a plan of attack for a website audit, it’s important to understand your audience. This means understanding how visitors interact and engage with your website, but more importantly, the journey that gets them there in the first place. Below are three critical checkpoints to consider when performing a website audit: Information Architecture. Information Architecture is a simple concept which involves looking at the layout and framework of an existing website. Many real estate/brokerage websites will have issues and inconsistencies when it comes to the architecture of their websites. Here are a few examples...

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3 Useful Real Estate Products

Want to do business faster and easier? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a short list of top tools and apps that can help you increase efficiency and results. RPR Mobile. RPR Mobile is the fastest way to look up a property and send branded information on the fly. The app allows you to send and distribute mini reports that offer top-level information for a multitude of data sets, which allows for quick follow ups to potential clients. Real Scout. If you find yourself with little time to nurture leads, Real Scout can make a big impact on expediting this...

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Your Guide to Hyper-Local SEO

Real estate keywords are increasingly difficult to rank as the landscape shifted to broad search dominated by portal websites. Ever since the arrival of Trulia and Zillow, top spots in the search engines for broad search have become more difficult to rank and, more importantly, obtain traffic. We must shift our strategy in a new direction toward more specific and targeted optimization efforts. What Does it Mean? The best way to look at how to rank your brokerage pages is to think about what Zillow or Trulia are not doing—focusing on narrow search. Attempting to rank for broad search...

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3 Predictions for SEO in 2017

When it comes to making predictions for SEO, we must be aware that search engines continue to change at the speed of lightning (maybe literally!) Search usage, expectations and predictability of search results will keep those incorporating SEO tactics and strategies innovating and making continuous adjustments. So, prioritize the latest best practices of optimization and strategies for the success of your website. Below are three SEO predictions:   Predictive and auto-complete search will continue to dominate.   Predictive search has become a cornerstone for popular search engines to provide a friendly user experience with results served quickly. It’s also...

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3 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind In 2017

  It’s 2017, and search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to your overall effective digital marketing strategy. So, what does it take to rank high in the search engines? Sure, you’ll read about all kinds of ways to improve your SEO rankings. However, many factors are in conflict with others, leaving us to question whether or not we should choose one strategy or another. Below are three common SEO myths that have been proven wrong, along with some real-life examples to debunk.   You Should Not Build Links For SEO   The Myth   It’s been stated for many...

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