Author: Brent Driggers

Google Earth’s Stunning New Access to Virtual Reality

As Google continues to expand its technology, they have once again capitalized on providing an amazing user experience through an improved Google Earth platform. Google Earth now provides a completely immersive experience that connects searchers with information and visuals that have never been available in the past. Simply plug in your address and choose “3D mode” to see the world like you’ve never seen it before. Viewing the world from a different perspective also means connecting the searcher with information that has never been easy to access. When conducting a search, you can now gain insight into surrounding amenities,...

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Website Vendor

The right website will help position your brokerage for success while also providing a platform that’s easy to update and manipulate for future changes. That’s why it’s vital to evaluate your brokerage’s needs, match them with the functionality offered and choose a platform that allows for growth. The following is criteria that you should consider when choosing a website vendor. We recommend you invite at least two vendors to the table, so you are able to compare the website offerings. 1. Lock Down Domain Name(s) The first step that is critically essential when choosing a website vendor is to...

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3 SEO Strategies To Generate Spring Leads

With spring officially in full blossom, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage the change in season for increased traffic, new visitors and lead generation. To get started, here are three surefire strategies to ensure you’re ready to capitalize on the warm weather. Blog About Spring/Holiday Community-based Events There’s no better way to inform and educate visitors about community-based holiday events than through a well-written, informative blog post. Outline each aspect of the event (time, location, amenities, food, entertainment, etc.) Publish the blog post a few days before the event on popular social networks and encourage readers to share...

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3 Keys to A Successful Brokerage SEO Audit

When it comes to putting together a plan of attack for a website audit, it’s important to understand your audience. This means understanding how visitors interact and engage with your website, but more importantly, the journey that gets them there in the first place. Below are three critical checkpoints to consider when performing a website audit: Information Architecture. Information Architecture is a simple concept which involves looking at the layout and framework of an existing website. Many real estate/brokerage websites will have issues and inconsistencies when it comes to the architecture of their websites. Here are a few examples...

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3 Useful Real Estate Products

Want to do business faster and easier? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a short list of top tools and apps that can help you increase efficiency and results. RPR Mobile. RPR Mobile is the fastest way to look up a property and send branded information on the fly. The app allows you to send and distribute mini reports that offer top-level information for a multitude of data sets, which allows for quick follow ups to potential clients. Real Scout. If you find yourself with little time to nurture leads, Real Scout can make a big impact on expediting this...

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