Author: Brent Driggers

Connect With Facebook Groups

Most businesses are using Facebook to market to targeted audiences. Take that one step further with Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are full of people who share a similar interest or want to engage with people concerning local neighborhood information and events. By joining groups that interest you on a personal or geographic level, you can market to a targeted pool of people who may be looking for a reputable source for tips and advice to buy or sell a home. Here’s how to engage.   Identify a group. The first step is to identify a group that you consider relevant....

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Constant Change: 3 New Website Trends

The real estate digital landscape continues to shift and diversify, which makes it even more important to ensure your digital strategies fall in line with these changes. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top three web trends that brokerages should consider this year:   1. Modern Home Page Web design and development has seen a tremendous shift in how a website is perceived and navigated by users. Along with this shift has come the need for visitors to land on a home page and understand who you are, what you do and why they should...

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How to Optimize YouTube Videos For SEO

Many people think that YouTube is a platform to upload videos, sit back and watch the views roll in. Not so, as there is a whole set of technical processes that you must follow to ensure your videos are optimized effectively for search engines. Not only can your video be indexed and rank on YouTube; more importantly, it can show up in Google search results for your chosen keywords. Having dual rankings such as YouTube and Google can drive significant traffic to your video and website if optimized properly. Here are some things to do to get more search...

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How Branding Impacts SEO

We all know that a solid brand presence holds value for your brokerage. More importantly, your brand dictates how potential clients perceive your brokerage. A reputable brand builds trust and instills confidence in the potential buyer or seller. There are several factors that come into play on how to leverage your brand for search engines and increased visibility. They are:   Branded Search. For a brand that is well established and has a reputable presence, branded search becomes easier as the years pass by. Why? When a potential searcher knows your brokerage’s name and conducts a direct search within...

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Google Earth’s Stunning New Access to Virtual Reality

As Google continues to expand its technology, they have once again capitalized on providing an amazing user experience through an improved Google Earth platform. Google Earth now provides a completely immersive experience that connects searchers with information and visuals that have never been available in the past. Simply plug in your address and choose “3D mode” to see the world like you’ve never seen it before. Viewing the world from a different perspective also means connecting the searcher with information that has never been easy to access. When conducting a search, you can now gain insight into surrounding amenities,...

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